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Company policy







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Company policy is shown in the diagram representing three basic principles: profitable growth, environmental and social responsibility.

Each cross section of two basic principles stands for different qualities of our activities whereas the cross section of all three is the objective of the company policy: balance on all levels of activities, in external relations as well as within the company.


CCE is a market-oriented company in which high quality is not a coincidence, but a result of our efforts in achieving our objectives and implementation of our quality policy.

The company's main objectives are satisfaction of customers and employees as well as expanding our markets to ensure our presence on the global market.

Quality policy is characterized by the following features:

The quality of our products and services must be at least equal to the products and services of leading and internationally recognized companies in our line of work.
Each employee is aware of the importance of customers' satisfaction which comes from understanding and meeting our customers' needs.
Since the quality of our products and services depends on our knowledge and experience we are committed to permanent learning and education of all our employees.
High quality of our products and services is the result of consistent implementation and upgrading of our Quality and environmental management system.

We are ISO9001:2000 certified, which is a confirmation of a good quality policy.


As a globally oriented company CCE is well aware of the growing and pressing need to preserve and safeguard the environment. That is why we are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and increasing awareness.

Accordingly, the basic principles of our environmental policy are not applied within the company only, but also in external relations. From the first contact with our partners to the supply of materials, manufacture and delivery of our products we strive to encourage environmental awareness of our suppliers, sub-contractors, customers and end-users. Through our efforts we try to contribute as much as we can to reduce environmental impact.

Knowledge and experience we have acquired are built in our environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004 standard.