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CCE’s Growth

The start of CCE happened in the year 1990 when four former employees of Iskra Automations, decided to venture into their own business. The first director Goran Jovanović has been managing the company since then.


After the company’s foundation, it’s growth and developmental success has been undeniably evident as we employed five new eligible engineers in the year 1997 and 1998. Since then, the growth in the number of employees approximately coincided with the years of our existence:

10 employees during our tenth year anniversary and 21 employees on our twentieth.


























































































Our first premises were small as it measured only 15 square meters. Year after year, the company has outgrown the size of the office. This is why we have been shifting from one office to another until we have reached the decision to buy our own,  which is as of today, more than sufficient to fit 21 employees.


In 1998 the company was registered in the directory of design firms in the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers. As a validation of our work in 2003, we acquired the certificate for the quality management system ISO 9001 and in 2006, the certificate for environmental management ISO 14001.


The exponential growth of CCE led us to be one of the fastest growing companies in Slovenia. From the year 2003 to 2006 and even till the present, we can proudly say that we are on the top of our game.


Developmental activities

The name CCE is derived from the English words Consulting & Commissioning Engineers as the company primarily operates in the foreign market.



As a small company, initially consisting of only 4 engineers, we were mostly engaged in design and factory testing with our Italian clients and commissioning outside Europe.



Our first project in Slovenia was the rehabilitation of 400 kV protection collectors in RTP Okroglo.



In Ghana, India, was the first project in site that was being

entrusted to us.



We broadened our fields of work and started engaging in control


We started working on our big projects mostly in the Arab countries namely Qatar and Bahrain. Our engineers were assigned in these countries for several years engaging themselves commissioning works.

A number of transformer stations were also serviced in Venezuela and the Far East.



For a period of time, we were implementing complete systems for control and protection, which includes design and manufacturing in commissioning. The first project as such was the supply of secondary equipments for the two transformer stations in Barbados in 1998.



We supplied the first MicroSCADA system for management switchyards in TE Brestanica



We set up a management system in Talum and the world's first built cable protection system, which is based on horizontal communication.



We supplied the first RTU system, for remote management RTP Bjelašnica and RTP Hadžiči.


Updated and expanded the management center in Banja Luka.


We took a step forward in the field of commissioning as we engaged ourselves actively in the integration of existing substations, generators and desalinizators of the new dispatch center system YANPET in

Saudi Arabia.


We made a study of selectivity and calculation setup security for the pumping station in Mubarak, Egypt.



We supplied equipments for the two secondary transformer stations in Abuja, Nigeria. Technically, it was quite a comprehensive and complex project. What’s more, it was a big challenge to the financial point of view. That was the beginning of our encounter with letters of credit and bank guarantees.



In 2003, we took over the entire execution of the project and the rehabilitation package of  TP stations in Algeria. We equipped unfinished protection cabinets for seven substations with the missing relays which were supplied by ABB. We then further configured these cabinets, installed MicroSCADA and by 2005 we continued with commissioning works.



We carried out the first major project in the field of distance control in the Philippines.



In Targoviste we stared the first of a series of projects in Bulgaria.

It included projective supply and commissioning of secondary power systems.


This was our first encounter working on North Sea platforms, namely Fortis Alpha oil platform, where we commissioned two protection generators.



We executed commissioning works for the 800KV transformer station in Yaracuy, Venezuela.



We lead the commissioning works in 2 transformer stations in Azerbajan.



We are a company of 23 employees which has been and is still regarded as one of the top competitors in engineering works here in Slovenia and all over the world.