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CCE is an engineering firm which provides consulting and commmisioning services world wide. We specialize in protection, control and SCADA systems used in generation, transmission and the distribution of electricity.


Our Mission is to provide technical requirements for quality and reliable power supply. By supplying sophisticated secondary systems that allow optimal control, safe protection and effective communication, we have successfully attained this mission.


Our vision is to consolidate our position as one of the leading integrators of secondary systems in the world. We have achieved this by strengthening our business connections and partnerships. We see to it that our services are well performed as to leave a good impression to our partners, and thus, setting ourselves in the lead with the integrating of secondary systems.



At Elektro Maribor CCE made a presentation of modern solutions for utility substations.

The topics included some CCE reference projects done in the past, contemporary solutions for utility substations and new technologies for digital substation of the future.

The event was organised at Akademija Distribucije Elektro Maribor, attended by more than 30 engineers from different Slovenian utilities.


For many years Aleš Selan and Goran Jovanović were in CCE the only two certified engineers, licensed by the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

Last year Adis Lović became our third certified engineer.

This year Srečko Herga has just passed the certification exam. Congratulations!