Company policy is shown in the diagram representing three basic principles: profitable growth, environmental and social responsibility.

Each cross section of two basic principles stands for different qualities of our activities whereas the cross section of all three is the objective of the company policy:


Balance on all levels of activities, in external relations as well as within the company.

Whatever you do, work with your heart. Be it playing with children or setting up a challenging system. Without the joy, commitment and desire to learn something new, everything is meaningless. 

To yourself and your work Respect begins with yourself. Just as we respect ourselves and our work, we expect the same respect from others. Respect belongs to everyone, even if anyone thinks they do not deserve it. To colleagues Respect for colleagues is the basis for a good relationship and a creative working atmosphere. Lack of respect poisons relationships and taps dignity. To business partners Respect for customers and suppliers, big and small, important and less important To the environment Environmental awareness, both at home in the office and at projects abroad. 

Responsibility for a job well done. Responsibility for creating a good working environment, from good interpersonal relationships, a willingness to help co-workers, and good co-operation in teamwork, to taking care of environment. Responsibility for successful project implementation and cost effective use of resources. 


Our vision is to consolidate our position as one of the leading integrators of secondary systems in the world. We have achieved this by strengthening our business connections and partnerships. We see to it that our services are well performed as to leave a good impression to our partners, and thus, setting ourselves in the lead with the integrating of secondary systems.