We shipped control and protective secondary equipment for 4 transformer stations in Iraq.

We have received a purchase order for design and delivery of protection, control and metering systems for four substations in Iraq. The Boob Al Sham, Kut Center, Al Dewaniya and Al Hussainiya 132/33kV substations are part of Electricity Sector Reconstruction Project Phase 2.

Upon reaching 30th company anniversary we are proud to present you with new web page.

Ivo Marc is the new director of CCE and Aleš Selan is the technical director.

Goran Jovanović, who lead CCE for nearly 30 years, is staying in the company as advisor.

At Elektro Maribor CCE made a presentation of modern solutions for utility substations.

The topics included some CCE reference projects done in the past, contemporary solutions for utility substations and new technologies for digital substation of the future.

The event was organised at Akademija Distribucije Elektro Maribor, attended by more than 30 engineers from different Slovenian utilities.

For many years Aleš Selan and Goran Jovanović were in CCE the only two certified engineers, licensed by the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

Last year Adis Lović became our third certified engineer.

This year Srečko Herga has just passed the certification exam. Congratulations!

2018 is best ever, says CCE director Goran Jovanović.

Five babies have been born to our employees this year.

“It is nice to have successfully completed many projects, but new kids and new homes are the true measure of success and a proof that young people have faith in the future.”

On June 4 CCE cyclists turned off computers early and set out on an afternoon cycling trip to Gorenjska. The weather was nice, the company was excellent and we decided unanimously that such events should become a constant.
With our customer’s representative we have successfully completed factory acceptance testing for the Nzove project, our fourth project in Rwanda.So far we have designed and delivered protection and control systems for eight substations in Rwanda.
We have concluded refurbishment of protection system for 14 MV cable lines between the substations in industrial area Talum, d.d. Delivery included project documentation for terminal replacement, delivery of new protection terminals, development and testing of new protection configuration and modification of the substation control system. Advanced protection system is achieved with fast data exchange with IEC61850 GOOSE messages.